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Secret StarCraft Game Tips and Tricks - Games Atlantic

False Surrender Trick

If you have got associate growth, and one among your base’s area unit vulnerable, press enter, and kind in “has left the game” (make certain you have got chat on “send to all”), however, don’t send it yet! Pause the sport and so send the message. folks can suppose you have got surrendered! This appearance additional realistic than the faux Elimination Trick as a result of the color of the fonts area unit all constant once the sport is paused! I really got fooled by this trick before!

Nuke Defense Trick - Submitted by Jesse Shuck

If any low cluster of your units are chosen for a targeted nuke, and you can’t see wherever it’s coming back from, merely use a static field with the associate arbiter and also the coated units won’t even be scrapped.

“Invisible” provide Depot - Submitted by Snakeab

If you're a freshman otherwise you recognize you’re gonna lose, and you're terrain…

When you get cash to spare send associate SCV behind a mineral patch and build a provide depot right once he starts building it, click on the SCV (not the provision depot) and press cancel. it'll virtually look as if it weren't there. Then once you lose all of your buildings (except the provision depot), your opponent can suppose the sport is tousled and leave. you must in all probability build many all around the map. try and build one behind your enemy's minerals.

“Invincible” Tank defect (Does not work with one.08!)

This trick is employed to form your encirclement tank that has the hit points of a building! to try and do this, initial hotkey a tank, and place it next to a building that's capable of flying. start out the building, and land it. whereas it’s landing, get your tank, move it beneath the landing building, and encirclement it. you need to do that terribly QUICKLY. The tank can currently have the lifetime of the building and be unvanquishable to scrimmage units! With follow, you'll get 5+ tanks concealing beneath one building!

Critter Trick

A VERY straightforward and low-cost thanks to seeing your opponent’s base!

This is terribly easy to do…all it needs maybe a map with critters (preferably Kakarus as a result of they fly) and you being Zerg. Get a Queen with seventy-five energy and appearance for a fauna. Parasite the issue, and you'll see what it sees! Once the fauna walks (or flies) into your opponent’s base, get pleasure from the view! this is often very cool as a result of your opponent won't mechanically attack the critter! this is often as a result of it’s a neutral unit! This neat very little trick can facilitate plenty in an exceedingly game.

Note: this can not work alright against comps as a result of comps invariably kill critters. however most humans simply ignore them!

Tips from the Pros:

  • invariably expand! don't be afraid to!
  • Against comp, invariably build a defense.
  • Against human in an exceedingly no rush game, don't build a tower or choke purpose defense. It wastes time, money, food, and it’s not required. simply have anti-air detection towers (eg. Missile Turrets) scattered around your base.
  •  once offensive, invariably leave units behind in your base.
  •  once offensive, select the staff, supplies, and key production buildings.
  •  As Zerg, build Nydus Canals in your expansions. this enables fast back-up against attacks.
  •  ne'er have quite two staff per mineral field, and four staff per geyser.
  •  offensive with a combination of units is more practical than offensive with bunches of the constant unit.
  •  Combining spells with attacks will greatly increase your probability of winning a battle.
  •  Go swayer searching with Devourers, Corsairs, and Valkyries. Zerg players usually place all their Overlords within the back of their bases, close to their primary resource space.
  •  Cloaked units work well against humans early within the game.
  •  As Terrans, invariably build a comsat on your initial Command Center; ne'er a Nuclear Silo.
  •  Against Zerg, don’t trouble offensive beast or Eggs. Attack eggs provided that you have got sturdy units.
  •  Trick your opponents by doing any low attack with air, and once he/she spends plenty of cash on anti-air, do a huge onrush, or vise-Versa.
  •  As Terran, don’t nuke buildings unless you have got quite one nuke offered. If you merely have one, select units (nuking a bunch of burrowed units kicks pompous!).
  • once taking part in megabucks maps, invariably do frequent attacks on your opponent to wear him down.
  • offensive one unit at a time may be a heap more practical than having all of your units attack various things. To do this, use the shift key. Hold down shift whereas issue commands, and your units can end every one before moving on to subsequent.
  • a awfully low cost, but useful, the manoeuvre is to parasite critters (especially kakarus as a result of they fly). The fauna can walk around the whole map for you, and once close to enemy defense, it'll not get attacked!

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